1. The equipment is safer than ever

One of the three reasons you should learn to kite surf in Cairns, is the massive improvement in the safety of the equipment. Kitesurfing equipment has come a long way in the last 10 years. Kiteusrfing used to have a reputation for be dangerous. This is no longer the case. The first inflatable kites started as 2 lines kites. The biggest problem with 2 lines kites was that they had virtually no depower, meaning if a gust was to come or the wind was to increase, you have no where to go but with the kite. Now days, we have the luxury of having 4 line kites. 4 lines kites have a depower system, so if say a gust was to come you can simply push the control bar away from you sheeting the kite out and depowering the kite.

2. The quality of the equipment

The quality has also come a long way in the last few years too. Most companies are now using double ripstop, which basically means the material now has 2 ripstop lines instead of 1, resulting in a much more durable material.


3. The right time of the year.

The up and coming season is just around the corner and you could not have picked a better time to get a kitesurfing lesson. The advantage of taking a kitesurfing lesson at the beginning of the season, is that it gives you plenty of time learn the sport. We generally get a range of different conditions throughout the season, meaning you get a good understanding for different condition and how to deal with them. For example, if you only practise in super flat water and consistent conditions, then you head out in gusty choppy conditions, you will probably struggle and may be like you’re back to square one. It pays to practice in a rage of conditions to get your skills up to a decent level.

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