I’ve been riding these kites for good 6 months now and I must say I am really enjoying them. Coming from a bridled C-kite there was a bit of getting used to. The first thing that really stood out for me was the parked locked in power. I find you can really go into a trick knowing it will still be positioned in roughly the same position as when you took off.

Where as with a bridled C-kite they can be very twitchy and very sensitive to slight input in the bar. The other thing I really liked was the slack and this kite has plenty of it. The thing that took a bit of getting used to was the wind range. I find with this kite, being a real C-kite, it definitely gets overpowered a lot quicker than my old bridled C-kite.

Best GP 2014

Build Quality

The build quality is definitely up there. I am yet to repair or replace anything on any of my kites. All Best kites are made from double ripstop cloth, making all their kites very durable. The new valve system is also a big plus. It looks great and makes pumping up twice as quick.

Best GP 2014 Review


Control System

2014-best-gp-bar-kiteboardingThis bar is one robust piece of quality equipment. The first thing I noticed on the bar was the depower system. This year Best have gone with a cleat above the bar depower system, instead of last years strap depower system. The new system is definitely a higher quality system and a lot more user friendly. The grip is also a massive plus for this bar. It’s very grippy, but still comfortable and doesn’t fall off after a few sessions. The chickenloop is much the same as last year and probably the only slight letdown for the control system. It’s not a big issue, but if you don’t clean the quick release regularly it can jam up a bit. The best way to prevent this from happening is to release it every couple of sessions and give it a bit of a hose out. Maintaining your gear in the first place will prevent this from happening anyway.