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First Steps to Riding the Board

So your kite control is starting to come along nicely. You’re feeling relaxed when your in the water. You should have the following things sorted before you attack the board: launching and landing the kite, kite water relaunch, various aspects of body dragging through the water and good kite control throughout the wind window. Now this is just a summary. The skills you learn are a lot more comprehensive than what I’ve just described. With a professional and willing instructor who can identify your individual learning requirements and with a keen attitude, you will accelerate through these skills in a few hours. So here’s a few quick tips on getting up on the board.

Create a Plan

Having a plan before you start will get you focused and can save you hours of trial an error time. Your instructor will outlay the process you need to go through to get riding step by step. As you go through the different stages you will know that you are one step closer to your destination. Riding the Board!

Mental Attitude and Confidence

This is something we build up with our students throughout the course and is really important for breaking through and achieving your goals.  Keeping the communication going all the time is part of this process.

Plenty of Kite Power

You need enough wind to make it easy. When your first learning to stand up, having plenty of kite power at your disposal is very important. If the wind is light then your instructor will equip you with a larger kite to give you the kite power you need. If the wind is moderate to strong then we drop down a size or two so you feel comfortable and secure. Note: with the advent of modern kitesurfing systems, kites have become very user friendly with good power control. This means as a student you can feel confident in controlling the kites power with ease.

Our Australia Kitesurfing Winter Location  Cairns – the perfect place to learn to kite. Warm water and waist deep flat conditions!

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