Cairns Adventure -Kiteboarding Cairns AustraliaOur Cairns Adventure

Hi everyone. Those of you who have been kiteboarding for a while will know that kiteboarding is more than an activity and more than an action packed outdoor sport. Kiteboarding is an adventure. As soon as you are on the water, nothing else exists. The freedom of Kiteboarding pulls us right into the moment.  Once you get going with kiteboarding, the options for adventure are endless. You can literally travel the world on your kiteboarding adventure, or you can explore your own local spots. Here in Far North Queensland we have a kiteboarding Cairns Adventure every time we hit the water. Big downwinders are a great way to lose yourself in you kiting adventure. Relaxing into the moment and going with the adventurous flow inherent in kiteboarding is literally Nivana.

The Far North Queensland offers some fabulous locations and superb weather for kiteboarding adventure, and the further north you go the windier it gets. For an experience you wont forget check out Australia Kite Surfari. Ant and Clayton really have a great scene going here – solid winds, flat water and real Aussie hospitality.

The adventure starts as soon as jump on a kiteboarding course. From the first time you feel the amazing power of these kites, through to body dragging through the ocean to taking control of the kite and riding across the water. Whether you team up with some friends or family, or do the adventure solo, its an adventure not to be missed the whole experience is an adventure. The Cairns Adventure continues..

Cairns Adventure -Kiteboarding Cairns Australia.

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