Cairns Weather

Cairns Weather

Cairns Weather – Great in the Dry Season for Kiteboarding

Kiteboarding Cairns Australia - Learn to kite - Cairns weather

Cairns Weather – Perfect to learn kiting


Cairns Weather is perfect in the winter months. May to October is when the consistent South East Trade Winds blow. With clear skies, the sun shining and warm water, conditions are perfect for learning to kite. On the whole, the rest of the year is predominantly light wind from the north with occasional afternoon thunder storms. If you want a reasonable reading of the weather, check out the seabreeze website. They get their readings and forecasts from the Bureau of Meteorology , so they are very reliable. When checking the main things we are interested in are

  • 3-7 day forecast for Cairns
  • Live wind speeds in Cairns City and Arlington Reef

So if the arrows on the ‘Wind and Wave forecast Graph’ are pointing from the south east we are happy and can get out there and have lessons. Even more so if the arrows are green. This means we are in for nice strong South East breezes. Great weather for learning to kitesurf.Cairns Weather- Kiteboarding Cairns Australia

Cairns Weather - Kiteboarding Cairns AustraliaWhat are we waiting for! Yorkeys Knob Cairns is the perfect location. Lets get ready to learn kitesurfing with Kiteboarding Cairns Australia KBC. We’ll see you right! Contact Us

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