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Kiteboarding is a great Cairns Activity. However I think a lot of people are a little reserved about learning to kite because they think they need to be strong. I get this all the time from people on the beach. I start chatting with people when I come in off the water. And they often say something like:

‘You must get very tired holding on to that kite’

‘Gosh you must be strong – I could never do that.’

Wow I’d really like to try kiteboarding but I just dont think I’m strong enough.’

And then I say to them. It’s a lot easier that you think! And it is. The only strength you need is enough to lean back and take the Cairns Activity - Kiteboarding Cairns Australiaweight around your body core. Thats it! And it gets better. If you push the control bar away from your body, you need even less strength – the kite depowers and will actually fall out of the sky if you let the control bar go completely.

So exactly how much strength do we need to learn to kiteboard?

We can break this down into two broad areas.

Strength needed to control the Kite

With a modern kite you should be able to launch, land and manoeuvre your kite in fairly strong winds without putting yourself in an unsafe situation and without having that feeling of loss of strength or control over your kite. If you have had professional instruction you will have no trouble with this, as your instructor will have taught you every thing you need to know when flying your kite.  A little bit of advise: Go with a kite school that adheres to international kiting procedures and certifies their students. Check out IKO

Strength needed to Get up on the Kiteboard

Admittedly, the lighter more agile students do have an advantage here. They seem to be able to just ‘pop up’ and ride. But don’t get despondent if you are not this type. Even the heaviest most inflexible people around can get riding no problem. The key element is kite Power. If your on a nice grunty kite with a decent size board and have a ‘can do’ attitude, your already there.

Making Kiteboarding Your Cairns Activity

Cairns is a great place for outdoor activities. Kitesurfing is an awesome Cairns Activity – but the number of people doing this sport in this area is still quite small. Its a fantastic weekend blast with our great dry season weather and perfect location– Yorkeys Knob. Let’s get out there and learn to kitesurf. Its Awesome! Contact Us if you need advise.

And if your from out of town, Cairns is the perfect holiday destination with loads of outdoor Cairns Activities. Yorkeys Knob is a must to check out. Find Us

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