Come and join us on our amazing Double island kayak tour. We run Kayak tours to Double Island daily. Our tour goes for around 3 hours.

What to bring

Sun protection, swimmers and water.

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Double Island Kayak Tour


Where we leave from

We depart our Double Island Kayak Tours from the south end of Williams Esplanade. You will see our blue kayak and paddle board trailer. There we will have the kayaks set up and ready for the tour.

What we provide

We provide life jackets, kayaks, paddles, stinger suits (depending on time of year), fruit, juice, water and snorkelling equipment. Any special requirement, feel free to ask beforehand.

Double, island, palm, cove, kayak, tour, palm, cove

Double Island Kayak tour

What to expect

The paddle is around 20 minutes from our base at the south end of the beach. When we arrive you will be greeted by stunning reefs and amazing marine life. When we first hit the surrounding reef i like to get everyone to just take a rest and drift with the current for a few minutes. This is usually the best way to see turtle and other marine life, as we are usually a lot quieter not paddling. After taking a break, we head over closer to Double Island and explore the mangroves. This where we often see different rays and shovel nose sharks. After exploring the mangroves, we head around the north side of the island, where we pull up on the beach and have some: fruit, juice and a quick snorkel. We then continue on to the cave. Entering the cave will depend on the tide and conditions on the day. After the cave we start heading back to the mainland, following the surrounding reef as we go.


Cost is $80 per person. Or ask about our family deals.


This is a wind and weather dependent tour, please keep in contact with the us leading up to your scheduled tour date

Meeting point for tour is: opposite Chill Cafe, Southern End of Williams Esplanade, Palm Cove

For or info check out our website!/~/product/id=47691071

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Kayak, tour, double, island, palm, cove, cairns

Kayak, tour, double, island, palm, cove, cairns