Hey Everyone

Check out this video we just made on a little trip we took to Double Island the other day. Anyway, agreed, some of the video footage is a little smudgy because of the old water drop or two, but I’m sure you’ll like it anyway.

More About Paddleboarding Double Island

This trip was absolute magic! We supped over coral reef, and saw turtles and rays swimming underneath us. The north end of the island was magic. The water,clear and blue. There seems to be a swell that bends around the island and comes in from the north too. We even did a little reef surfing on the south east corner of the island as the sun started to set.

Of course we were all right at home on our awesome Vanhunks Sups!

Anyway, we are just paving the way for something very special in the very near future – Guided SUP Tours to probably one of the most accessible parts of the Great Barrier Reef that is right next to the main land. Double Island is right on the very door step of Palm Cove and is a magnificent place to explore by stand up paddleboard.

The Beauty of Paddleboarding

The amazing thing about paddle boarding out here is that you really get to see everything below you quite clearly. Standing 5 – 6 foot high on a paddle board means you get a great view of the clear waters and reef outcrops below you. This experience is a must for everyone.