2010 Freestyle world champ Andy Yates ripping it up at our local spot Yorkeys Knob Cairns. He made the front page of the Cairns Post as soon as the media got wind of his presence! Pretty cool aye!!!  Check out this article for more info on our awesome freestyle and race clinics that were held last weekend at Yorkeys!





Hey Everyone We just had an awesome weekend. Ten keen participants turned up for the freestyle and race clinics held last weekend on the 27th and 28th of April. So here’s a bit of a low down on what happened.

Morning Racing

Saturday morning was a bit drizzly with hardly any wind, None the less, we got everyone registered for the race clinic and Marvin from Intheloop kiteboarding took us through the ropes of kite racing.  A few of us got out on the water but the rain destroyed it.  So it was off to the sushi bar and back to the beach for a check in at 2.30.

Perfect Riding Conditions

Bang! The sun came out and the wind cranked up to a solid 20 knots. The south-east trades were doing their thing. With Andy Yates (2010 world champ) on the scene and ready to give us some pro tips, we all headed up to Yorkeys Creek. The creek was in fine form. Super flat water resulting from the exposed sand banks allowed for perfect freestyle training. We had camera people and video going everywhere as all the crew lined up and kited the circuit. Andy Yates was standing right on the sand bank – perfect position to give great feedback to the students. Everyone who turned up had a goal. Whether it was a front roll, back mobe, back to blind air pass or a mean pop, the crew were stoked with the skills they were learning.

How the freestyle clinic rolls

The way it worked was like this: Everyone on the clinic just went hard core and bust out their specific goal. Then they would get called in to the sand bank for some pro advice from our kiting legend Andy. Andy’s tips were awesome. As the day grew on, the smiles grew bigger on the faces. Everyone was improving!

Chilling out at the end of the day

We finished off the day with a chilled out bbq and some great reflection on the events of the day. Sunday was a bit on and off with the wind, so we were more than happy to get through the course on the Saturday. This event has proven to be a great success and we are already amped for the next one.kiteboarding cairns kitesurfing.kiteboarding cairns kitesurfing

Awesome Kitesurfing Coaches

Both Andy and Marvin are awesome kitesurfing coaches and we are super stoked to have them come up and help our crew. Thanks so much guys! Special thanks to everyone who participated, the Townsvillecrew, the guys from Mission Beach, the Southern Aussies, Local Crew and anyone else who came along just to enjoy the vibe!! Wanna See how the crew went? Check out these Photos Bec Jones took!5button1That’s it for now!

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