Cairns Activities - Kiteboarding Cairns AustraliaOK -So if your new to this sport you probably have been asking the question, Is Kiteboarding Safe? With the right instruction, environmental conditions and knowledge the answer is definitely Yes. However if you haven’t had the correct training the answer is probably No. Lets take a look at these factors:


Signing up with a good kite school that uses internationally recognised procedures and teaching methods is your best option. Ask your school it they can certify you with a qualification. That way you know your qualified and have learnt to kite in accordance with global safety procedures. The second advantage is that if you have a qualification you can hire equipment from most schools around the world. If you haven’t got a qualification, you may not get to accepted for equipment hire. �So please go with a school that adheres to international principles and certifies students.

At Kiteboarding Cairns Australia we certify our students with an IKO Certificate. Students receive a members card and get logged into the IKO website as a registered student.

Environmental Conditions

Pick an easy location to learn. You want to have fun right? And you definitely want to feel safe. So be smart and pick somewhere with the best conditions. These are the ideal things you should be looking for in a good location:

  • Flat waist deep water
  • Open spaces with no obstacles – away from other kitesurfers, beach people and kiteschools
  • Steady Breeze (not too strong – not too light)

Cairns has great wind in the dry season.  If the sun is shining and there is high pressure over the country, chances are we are getting good winds. The beauty of Cairns is the location: Right in the middle of the south east trade wind belt. Cairns has good kiteboarding weather and is a very safe open location to learn to kitesurf. Check out these articles::

There are loads of Outdoors Cairns Activities to do and Kitesurfing is one of the picks. Cairns is a great location for kiteboarding


As you go through your kiteboarding course you will gain knowledge. This knowledge will give you the confidence and ability to go out there and become a safe kiteboarder. Get safe! Then you’ll be ready to rip it up on the water. Kitesurfing is an exhilarating blast – achievable by people of all ages, shapes and sizes. Check out our blog article Do I need to be Strong to kiteboard?

Cairns Activities - Kiteoboarding Cairns Australia

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Any questions or if your keen to get riding this season please contact us! We will be more than happy to get you out there. Not only that, once you’ve completed the course you will receive an international qualification. If your thinking of coming for a few days, check out our Cairns Holiday deals. They are good value for money and Golden Sands Beach Front Resort is a great place to stay.

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