Kayak, tour, palm, cove, cairns,

Kayak, tour, double, island, palm, cove, cairns

Double Island





Double Island is an amazing place to Kayak. The big surrounding reef of double island is in abundance with marine life and amazing colourful corals

How to get there

The best way to kayak to double island, is to head to Palm Cove and head over from there. You will find parking at the south and north end of the esplanade. The paddle is around 20 minutes from Palm Cove beach.

Level of fitness

kayaking to Double Island and back, I would say pretty much any can do it. Just take your time, bring some light for and plenty of water. If you are worried about your fitness level, it would probably pay to just stick to the south end of the island


Try to pick a nice clam day. Mornings are always best, as it tends to be a lot calmer. In the winter you can almost guarantee there will be an afternoon breeze. If you are an experienced paddler, this will not faze you, but if you’re unsure go early morning when the wind is not up.

What to look out for

There is plenty to look for kayaking Double island. For a start the marine life. There’s so much marine life over there, you will not be disappointed. Look out for: turtles, colourful fish, dolphins, eagle rays and even the occasional Manta ray.
There is also a cave on the north side of the island. If you kayak to the north side and have a close look around the middle, you will see the entrance to the cave. The tide must be right though. If the tide is too low, you risk getting stuck on the rocks or if it’s too high, there won’t be enough clearance to get on.


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