Hi Everyone. The last two weeks have been fantastic for kiteboarding lessons with great wind just about every day. Our students have been loving it. Check out the photos of our student Clint Scott. Clint signed up to our kiteboarding lessons and took to it really quickly. Clint went through all of the necessary training to become an independent kiteboarder and received international certification . His training included:

Kiteboarding Lessons -Kiteboarding-Cairns-AustraliaGear Setup, Spot analysis, launching and landing, full safety procedure, self rescue, kite control, water relaunching, directional body dragging, water starts and riding the board in his kiteboarding Lessons.

For all of our students complete kite control in all areas of the wind window is essential before jumping in and getting up on the board. That been said, Clint was ripping in a matter of hours. All the key ingredients were there for Clint to succeed: Good wind, flat waist deep water, professional tuition, a keen attitude and a fun learning environment. Here’s a breakdown of why those key ingredients are just what is needed to get you kiteboarding.

Good Wind is essential for Kiteboarding Lessons

A steady breeze will make your kiteboarding Learning process much easier. If the wind is very light , it is possible to learn some good techniques. But you need a steady breeze to get up on the board.  Cairns is a great place for wind with steady south east trade winds from May through to October.

Waist Deep Flat Water

Waist Deep Flat water is perfect for learning to kiteboard. You never need to struggle with big waves and deep water while learning to get up on the board.

Professional Tuition

Cairns-Adventure-Kiteboarding-Cairns-AustraliaGetting tuition from an internationally qualified instructor with a school that adheres to international principles is your assurance that you are getting taught by an instructor who has been trained. Not only that, if you learn with an IKO instructor you can request certification, allowing you to go anywhere in the world and kiteboard hassle free and also allowing you to rent equipment from centres that request you have a qualification.

Keen Attitude

Kiteboarding is easy to learn if you have a keen attitude. It requires a little balance to get up on the board and some concentration with the kite until it becomes natural. Once you have a feel for it, its just like riding a bike – You will never forget how to do it.

So now that you are armed with the facts get out there and give it a go. Its safe, fun and exciting and easy.


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