Australia is a world class kitesurfing destination. In this blog article I will explain why.


Its always windy somewhere!

Australia is such a huge country, there is always somewhere thats windy! Not only that, it has some of the best beaches in the world and it has huge open spaces for lots of people to get out on the water kitesurfing.

In the summer months, pretty much all of the south, south west and east coasts have kiteable wind.

In the winter months, the North East in places such as Cairns and Townsville areas are howling.

Here at KBC we get to experience the best of both. We kite in Cairns from April until November and then head over to the west coast for a long holiday in the summer months. These two spots are without a doubt, the best kitesurfing locations in Australia, and here’s why.


Perth and the South West

Between the months of November and the end of March, Western Australia is the best place to kitesurf in Australia. The clear waters and white sands are easy in the eye to say the least and the conditions are world class.

Perth and the South West coast house some of the best kitesurfing locations in Australia. South of the city you can find the world famous Safety Bay, where you can often see a handful of world champion kiters out on the water. And there is good reason! The conditions here are consistently good. The wind blows in a south to south west direction at between 18-25 knots most days and the flat water here makes it the great for free style riding and learning new tricks.

Woodmans point is another awesome spot, with both flat water and wave riding available.

Point Walter is a great spot to learn how to kite surf and to catch some early morning wind. Again, beautiful flat water conditions.

And if you head 300kms south of Perth you will find another hidden gem. Augusta. Augustas Blackwood river is the perfect spot, with consistent SE winds blowing. Its not for the faint hearted, Augusta is renowned for being a very windy place. The cool temperature of the wind makes for high powered riding on the perfectly flat river mouth.

Slightly north of Augusta, you will find Margaret River. Here we have some of the best waves in Australia. Surfers aplenty travel here to ride the beautiful heavy waves the lap the shore. Hence, Margs is the perfect place to ride waves with a kite. There is also a good flat water spot at the Margaret River river mouth.

Heading north from Perth there are a few more good spots up the coast, in particular Lancelin and if you are feel like a bit of a drive, Exmouth.


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Cairns and the North East

When Autumn begins to fall in the West, and the wet season comes to a close in Far North Queensland, the Cairns region will take care of all of your kitesurfing needs.

In early April, we see the wind change from a northerly direction back to south/south easterly. The warm air and warm water make Kitesurfing in Cairns really pleasant (especially when compared with the colder conditions in Augusta!).

Yorkeys Knob is a great place to kitesurf, and it is also a great place to learn. There is a flat water lagoon which is perfect for free style riding. There is plenty of space on the beach to set up and room on the water to get your bearings if you are a beginner. Kiteboarding Cairns offers Kitesurfing lessons at Yorkeys Knob, and also in Palm Cove.

Palm Cove is also a great spot to learn kitesurfing, as well as being on one of the most beautiful beaches in Australia. There is plenty of space on this Palmy beach, and good consistent South easterly wind. We usually bring our students to Palm Cove for their first lesson, to get the run down on how to safely fly the kite, and when the student is ready to hit the water with a board, we head down to the flat water of Yorkeys Knob.

Port Douglass beach is also a prime location for kiting, as well as Yule Point, which is just south of Port Douglas along the Captain Cook Coastal Highway.


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Where else can I kitesurf in Australia?

Pretty much everywhere! But the best spots (along with the locations I have already discussed!) are Melbourne, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Townsville and Surfers Paradise.

Come to Australia and learn how to Kitesurf. You wont regret it. Contact us here.