Hey guys. This week has been an interesting week weather wise. We’ve had some sunny patches with solid winds at times, along with heavy rain and gusty winds. So picking a good time to hit the water has been difficult. In saying that understanding the local conditions is key. Generally the Yorkeys Knob area is better on those sunny, lighter days and Palm Cove to Port Douglas gets the better wind on those cloudy gusty days or when the trade winds are nice and solid.

Ozone Catalyst 2014 - Stability

The seabreeze website can be very deceptive. Time after time people look at the graph on seabreeze.com.au and get all excited about the solid line of green arrows, this should never be relied on. If they have any rain forecasted generally Yorkeys will be gusty, wet and just not a very pleasant place to kitesurf. That’s when it’s time to hit Palm cove or Port Douglas. I myself have actually kitesurfed everyday over the last week, simply from understanding the local conditions.

Cairns Weather conditions

The dry season is meant to start in May, but it never really seems to dry up until about mid June. Although the season has changed and we are getting solid high pressure systems sitting over the country, there seems to be a lot of consistent rain fall. I was speaking to a meteorologist last year and he put it down to there being a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. To me that made a lot of sense and I guess that explains why the weather continues to get dryer and dryer as the dry season goes on.

In saying all of that, you can’t beat local advice. So check out the website, or feel free to call me any time



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