Kitesurfing in Cairns

Kitesurfing in Cairns is Awesome

Hi Everyone
Thought I’d express my view on “The Magic of Flat Water Riding”. I’ve been kiting now since 2005 and in that time there’s been alot of change and development in the kiteboarding scene, particularly with the advent of good safe kiteboarding equipment. This has made the sport very enjoyable. What I’ve noticed on the most part is once people start learning to kite and get hooked on the sport they want to keep improving. Whether it be:

  • Water startsKitesurfing In Australia
  • Upwind riding
  • Jumping
  • or a fully lit wake style move

Mastering a technique in kiteboarding is a very satisfying experience.

Furthermore, most people I know that are passionate about the sport and ride when they can are into ‘nailing that new trick’ or ’getting to the next level’.

Having lived and kited in a number of different locations, Id like to say this:

If I’m kiting in a waist deep flat water location I improve quickly. All of the key elements are there for practicing. What’s more, practicing is easy and fun.

If I’m kiting in chop my progress slows down and I have to start really working and focussing on what I’m doing to improve. So my natural tendency in the chop is to just cruise around doing what I find easy. Kind of like a sunday drive.

In Summary

For comfort and and a super relaxed ride, Flat water riding wins hands down. There is no impact on you knees from chop and no worries about getting your timing right to throw a move or even concentrate on getting that upwind riding dialed.

Kitesurfing in Cairns has given me a real taste of some really nice flat water riding. Those tricks I was trying to dial in the chop (and not even getting close to mastering) were sorted once I had a few flat water sessions at Yorkeys Knob Cairns.

I’m really looking forward to this season and hope mother nature will play her part with the weather and bring on the steady breezes every day she can. Drop us a line or comment!

Happy Kitesurfing

Yorkeys Knob is a beautiful spot. Its well worth checking out. So if you do decide to have a holiday here check out Golden Sands Baach Front Resort and if you’ve decided to take the plunge and take up kiteboarding then check out our full package deals.

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