The Port Douglas area is a great place to kitesurf! It has a range of conditions, from flat-water, nice kickers, shallow waters and small chop.

How to get there

If you head north from cairns, Port Douglas is about a 45 minute drive along the Captain Cook highway. The scenic drive makes it all worth the while.


The best time to kite anywhere in North Queensland is definitely during the winter months. (May – September). This is when we get clear skies and consistent trade winds. You can kite here during the summer, but the wind is very inconsistent, hot and also marine stingers are present in the water.


The best wind directions here are anything from south to east.

Wind speed  15-30 knots

Port Douglas is a great place to kite when Cairns is bucketing down with rain and the wind has a lot of south in it. I always find if I head up to Port Douglas when we have these conditions in Cairns, it is always a bit clearer and it seems to pick up the south winds a bit better. But in saying that, the Cairns area is unbeatable on a nice sunny day conditions are better on a lower tide. I find anything under 1.2 is ideal, but higher tides are great too.

Access and rigging area – Port Douglas Kitesurfing

Plenty of room to park your car and miles of beach to rig you kite. Also has a toilet block and nice grassy area to dry and pack down your equipment at the end of your session.

Kitesurfing level

Port Douglas is perfect for kitesurfers of all level. The shallow water, wide open beaches and helpful locals makes this place perfect for beginners. It’s also great for advanced riders in search of flat-water and nice kicker sessions.  


Learning Kitesurfing in Port Douglas

If you are up at Port Douglas, Chat to Bretto up at Windswell, he will get you up and going!