Hi there everyone. Just would like to have a small chat about the importance of using a trainer kite when you first take up kitesurfing Lessons. Getting on the big kites and really feeling and controlling the kites power is a fantastic feeling. However, a short period of time learning the fundamentals of kite flying on the right trainer kite at the start of your first lesson will give you a real kick start. Here’s why

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Our students Vanessa and Georgie practising kite control with the Maelstorm trainer kite

First of all, before I go ahead and explain the importance of using a trainer kite first with your kitesurfing lessons, I just want to say that it is important to get the right type of trainer kite. From our experience we have found a trainer kite with the following aspects very beneficial for learning the fundamentals when you kick off with your kitesurfing lessons:

  • A larger trainer kite (3 metre)
  • Chicken Loop connection point
  • Chicken Loop safety release

Large Trainer Kite

A kites surface area is measured in square metres. Most trainer kites come in 2 or 3 square metre sizes. We find that the 3 m2 kite is the best size. The kite is a little more stable than the smaller one and really gives you a feel for the real thing.


Chicken Loop Connection Point

Make sure your kiteschool uses a trainer kite with a chicken loop that you can connect to your harness in your kitesurfing lessons. That way you will be experiencing kite control in the same fashion as if you were on a real kiteboarding kite.


Chicken Loop Safety Release

As with all kites that have a chicken loop, your trainer kite should have a chicken loop safety release to ensure that you can release the kite at any stage.


kitesurfing lessons - kiteboarding Cairns AustraliaThe importance of using a trainer kite in your kitesurfing lessons

Using the trainer kite at the start of your kitesurfing lessons will get your kite control skills right into place and give you a strong understanding of how a kite behaves. Not only that, by the time you get on the water your are equipped with safety skills and steady kite control.


Kitesurfing Lesson Summary

In summary, learning to kiteboard is a process. Once you have mastered one technique, its time to move on to the next. A short amount of time on a 3 metre trainer kite with a chicken loop and a chicken loop release system and the transition to the water will flow nicely.


OK – That about wraps it up. Let’s get out there and learn to kiteboard. If you’re keen to get going please contact us and we’ll take you through all you need to know to become an independent and internationally certified kiteboader. Cairns is a great place to learn with excellent wind and flat waist deep water.
Happy Kiting