So you wanna learn kitesurfing? �Awesome! �What’s most important is that you get off to a good start. �Picking the right lesson structure and the right school can make a difference between getting up and going early or giving up after your first kitesurfing lesson.

Kitesurfing Lessons

Kitesurfing Lessons – Should be a Great Investment

Lets face it. Kitesurfing lessons do cost money. �So you expect to get quality tuition right? �Absolutely! Here are some of the things I think are essential when it comes to having good lessons.

Are Group Lessons Worth it?

I have to say, that group lessons quite often are a waste of time. �Some schools will offer discounted rates for group lessons. �They will say something like: “Hey, its super cheap if you get a group lesson with us. �We are going to be out on the water for 4-5 hours and it will only cost you $xxx.oo.”

What usually happens? �You will be sent on the water in a group of 3-4 people and one instructor. �The instructor will have to try and teach everyone at once. �Some people will pick it up quick and others will struggle.

In reality, everyone learns at their own pace. �No two people learn at the same speed. �Therefore, group lessons usually do not work. �If you are a fast learner, you will be waiting for those that are struggling to keep up and if you are a bit slower in acheiving your goals you will always feel like you are not keeping up with the team.

Private Kitesurfing Lessons

Private kitesurfing lessons are awesome. You have one instructor and a set of clearly defined goals for your lessons. The instructor takes you through your lesson at your own pace. There’s no patiently waiting for your turn or getting left behind. Just solid one on one tuition.


The fact is you can learn much more in 2-3 hours with a dedicated instructor than you can going our on the water for a tedious and grueling 4-5 hours in a group. Quality one on one tuition is 10 times more beneficial that most group arrangements.

Learning in Pairs

Learning in pairs is an option that can work and we do offer this at KBC. However, it is paramount that the pair are matched up effectively. Two students can help each other to gain confidence. They can also observe each other and learn that way. However, anymore that two people for an instructor is a complete no-no.


Kiteboarding is an extreme sport and things can go wrong very quickly if you don’t know your safety. With proper tuition and an instructor at your side the whole time, the risk of any injury is minimised to almost nil. If you are in a group situation it s impossible for an instructor to be at your side the whole time and the chances of having an accident increase exponentially.

Learning and Growing from Other Kitesurfing Schools

I personally have spent the whole summer at WA working with the guys at Australian Kite School. I was extremely impressed with their method of teaching and learnt a lot. School manager Christian Bulota is a perfectionist at refining kitesurfing teaching methods. Something well needed with this rapidly growing sport.

At KBC we have taken many of their concepts and added them to our own methodology to come up with a system that empowers students giving them skills, independence and vision.

So, look out of an even more professional team at KBC this year. We strive for constant improvement!

Happy Kiting – Andrew