Kitesurfing Spot – Palm Cove

Palm Cove is located 30 minutes north of Cairns City. This spot is a great place for kitesurfing although it is still largely undiscovered as a good destination due to the popularity of Yorkey’s Knob just a few kilometres to the south. Expect a pleasant surprise when you go kitesurfing at Palm Cove. The wind is about 3-5 knots stronger than Yorkey’s Knob and always comes in a bit earlier.

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Kiteboarding Season

May – November This is when the south east trade winds blow and is the best time of the year to learn kiteboarding. As long as the skies are clear and there is a high pressure system pushing the wind into Northern Queensland You are sure to get a good breeze for Kiteboarding

Rigging Area

The designated area for kitesurfing is at the south end of Palm Cove. The main rigging area is straight opposite Angsana Resort. All kite launching and landing should take place opposite Angsana Resort and further to the south. Once you get north of Angsana the beach is very narrow with high trees right along the beach line. So for the safety of all at Palm Cove, its best to stick to the designated area.

Wind Direction and Speed

  • South
  • South – East
  • North
  • North -East

The best directions here are the south and the south east winds. During the south east trade wind season (May – November) these are the only two directions you can expect to get. It is possible to kite in winds from the north however, the wind is a lot stronger and more consistent from the south and south east.

When the south east trades kick in, the wind speed is generally around 16 – 2o knots, but it can get a lot stronger – especially as the season progresses.

Sea Conditions

This is an ocean location with small chop. As wind wind gets up during the day, small waves form. making this a great location for playing in small waves. There is a small shore break, but once you have body dragged out a few metres, it is easy to get going.

Kiteboarding Level

All levels of riders can ride here. However, be sure to keep launching and landing to the south of Angsana resort for the safety of everyone at Palm Cove.

Kitesurfing Schools

Kiteboarding Cairns Australia is the only school to operate from Palm Cove. the kitesurfing school season starts in May and runs through to November. Kiteboarding Lessons are available daily. Kiteboarding Gear is available for rental.

Palm Cove Accommodation and Restaurants

Palm Cove is an awesome place to stay with a wide range of restaurants, resorts and hotels to choose from.

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