Kitesurfing Spot – Yorkeys Knob

Yorkeys Knob is the second northern beach you come across to the north of Cairns. Only 20 minutes drive to the north of Cairns City and you have arrived at Yorkeys Knob. In the dry windy season from May to November, Yorkeys Knob is an awesome kitesurfing spot – A kitesurfing paradise. If you love flat water riding, then you have come to the right place.

Kitesurinf Spot - Yorkeys Knob

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Kitesurfing Season

May – November. Just like other kitesurfing locations in the Far North Queensland, Yorkeys Knob kitesurfing kicks off with the trade winds in May. The wind runs right through the dry season until November. You can expect good breezes most days as long as the sun is shining and the trusty high pressure system is sitting over Australia.

Rigging Area

The rigging area for Yorkeys Knob is the grassy area just to the south of the corner of Wattle Street and Sims Esplanade. This is a great spot for rigging up your gear and the place where everyone likes to meet and chat at the end of a great day out on the water. Look out for the Kiteboarding Cairns sign on the fence and you know you’ve got the right place.

Wind Direction and Speed

  • South
  • South – East
  • North
  • North -East

The most reliable directions for kiteboarding here are the south and south east winds. As mentioned before, these winds kick in May and run right through the dry season until November. Don’t bother going out for a kite if the wind is coming from the north. This direction is too light to make it worth while. Just stick with the steady south and south eat winds and you cant go wrong.

The wind speed here is generally around 15 – 20 knots, although it can get stronger as the season progresses. Yorkeys Knob sometimes gets strong winds of around 25 – 30 knots. So come prepared with a small kite for those strong wind days.

Sea Conditions

Straight out the front of the rigging area is ocean chop. A popular place for those in a hurry for a quick kite, or if you fancy playing around in the small waves. The best place is up at the Thomatis Creek mouth to the south of the rigging area. Most people rig up and take a 10-15 minute walk up there. This place is well worth the walk if the tide is mid to low. As the tide goes out further the place gets better. Its super flat. The sand banks make this location a flat water paradise. Perfect for dialing your latest tricks. Beginners love this spot too because its only waist deep, so you can practice getting up on your board all day.

If you are new to the sport and heading up there for a go, there’s acres of places to practice away from where the more competent riders go. So, find a spot away from the crowd and you won’t be getting in anyone’s way :).

Kiteboarding Cairns also run their kite school up there. Its the perfect location for learning to kite.

Kiteboarding Level

Yorkeys Knob is a great place for people of all levels to ride. Just make sure you are back in to the shore before you go any further north than the main rigging area. Once you get up toward the norther corner the wind becomes a little fluky and there are rocks up there.

Kitesurfing Schools

If you are looking to do lessons, Kiteboarding Cairns run their school from Yorkeys Knob and are available for lessons throughout the dry windy season. The school is not open over the wet season due to the light winds and the box jelly fish in the summer time.

Add Yorkeys Knob to your list of Kitesurfing Spots!

Kiteboarding Spots - Yorkeys Knob