Kitesurfing Spot – Yule Point

Driving north from Cairns, Yule Point is about 10 minutes before you get to Port Douglas. So if you are thinking of checking out Port Douglas kitesurfing, its worth while stopping of at Yule Point on the way. The conditions must be right for Yule Point to go off. However, if you get the conditions right, this place is unreal. Some of our best flat water sessions have been here at Yule. So check out this article for the complete lowdown on Yule Point.

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Kitesurfing Season

As with all other kitesurfing spots in the Far North Queensland, the only real time of the year to kitesurf here is May – November. This is when the south to south east trade winds blow nice and consistently.

Wind Direction, Conditions and Tides

The best wind directions here are

  • South
  • South East

Wind Speed – 15 to 30 knots (depending on the day)

This is the place to come when the tides are neap. The general rule is this. If its high tide all day at Yorkeys Knob then head up to Yule Point for a session. When Cairns has neap tides there is usually not much movement in the tide and the tides are quite small. Ideally you are looking at a tide that ranges from about 1.4 to 1.8 metres. However this can vary depending on the formation of sand spits at Yule Point.[/col][col type=”one-half col-last”]

So if you head up to Yule Point while the tide is coming in, you can get a great 3 -4 hour session here. This place is ultra flat when the conditions are right, but be careful because it can get a little shallow in places. Also, it you head out seaward 300 metres or more there is a rock reef. So watch out for that.

The wind here is often strong if there is a southerly flow over the region. At times when there is rain in Cairns, it can be clear and windy here.

If your not sure, just ask a friendly local and you will be sure to get steered in the right direction.

Access and Rigging Area

The best bet is to park your vehicle on the corner just south of Yule Point and walk down the rocks to the flat sand. If the tide is out, there are lots of places where you can rig up easily. It gets a little trickier if the tide is right in

Kiteboarding Level

Yule Point is suitable for kiteboarders of all levels. However, please be courteous and avoid blocking the popular trick areas if you are new and trying to get up on the board. There are lots of places to practice here. Its just a matter of finding a nice quiet spot out of the way and your laughing!

Kitesurfing Schools

There are no kitesurfing schools operating from this place as it is a remote area. If you are after lessons then head down to Palm Cove or Yorkeys Knob. Or you can say hi to Bretto at Port D.  Check out this for more information on learning to kiteboard.

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