Kiteboarding Yorkeys Knob

Yorkeys Knob is a great place to kitesurf, for both beginners and experts. With exceptional knee deep flat water on the inside and nice kickers on the outside, yorkeys knob really is as good as it gets.

Kitesurfing Yorkeys Knob

Kitesurfing Yorkeys Knob


Picking the right conditions For kitesurfing Yorkeys Knob


Yorkeys Knob is good on a rage of different conditions. From March – December the wind blows anywhere from south to the east. Anything south, east and in-between is perfect for kitesurfing yorkeys Knob. There is a river mouth about 700 metres to the south of the main rigging area. Here we a blessed with amazing lagoons, that a more than perfect for flat water riding and really don’t get any better for learning. Out the front of the rigging area the conditions can vary from small waves, nice kickers and big chop.


How to get there


Yorkeys Knob is located about 15 km’s north of Cairns city. Simply follow the Captain Cook Highway to the north of Cairn City. It is all clearly sign posted, you really can’t miss it. When you get into Yorkeys Knob, head down to the south of Sims Esplanade. There you will see plenty of kitesurfers and a great big grassy area to rig your kite. There’s also a hose there to clean your gear and also keep hydrated.

Kitesurfing Yorkeys Knob

Kitesurfing Yorkeys Knob


Kitesurfing level


Yorkeys Knob really is perfect for everybody. I really can’t think of a safer place to kitesurf. The experts will love the kickers and perfect flat water and the beginners will love all the room and safe knee deep water.


Kitesurfing schools at Yorkeys Knob


Kiteboarding Cairns operates at both Yorkeys Knob and Palm Cove. We are all qualified kite instructors and very passionate about what we do. We are crazy about kitesurfing!


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