Kiteboarding Cairns place importance on kite control

Learning Kite Control First

When we first start learning to Kiteboard most of us are keen to get riding.Lets face it. We all want to get up on the board as soon as possible. I was exactly the same when I started out, so I fully relate when someone says to me ‘When are we getting on the board? I really just wanna kitesurf!!’

However, from my experience as a Kitesurfer and an Instructor, I have to say one thing ”Get your kite skills dialed and you’ll be kitesurfing in no time!!”  So what does this mean?

Its all about Kite Control

When you start your lessons really get at one with the kite. Feel the power, enjoy it, appreciate it, and most importantly learn to handle it. Once you can control the kite without looking at it, once you can let it pull you around in the water and once you can launch and land with safety and confidence, you are probably ready to get riding. (And you’ll be fully amped and ready to go).

So with your kite skills dialed your ready to just concentrate on the board. Why? Because you aren’t thinking about the kite the whole time.

Kiteboarding Cairns Instructor Andy - IKO CertifiedNext time I would like to share my views on “Getting Psyched for the Board”. We’ll talk about key elements that will get you up and running quickly like: The importance of choosing a good location and having a steady breeze, choosing the right size board and having a committed attitude.

Looking forward to a great season and lots of fun! 
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