Learn to Kite in Cairns if you  Kitesurf New Guinea - its a quick flight

Why Learn to Kite in Cairns

Cairns has all of the key ingredients to make learning to kite a great experience. Our learning environment enables you to learn quickly in a user friendly setting at your own pace. As well as Cairns, there are many great places to learn to kite. However there are also some challenging places that make life difficult when trying to get up and going. We can divide locations into two types, both at opposite ends of the spectrum.

Easy Learning Environment

Large Area of waist deep water with plenty of space between other kiteboarders. With good tuition, this type of environment is safe and the perfect location type if you want to learn to kite. Location and Wind


Tough Learning Environment

Horrible shore break with a beach that drops off into the deep as soon as you walk in the water – accompanied by loads of kitesurfers all kiting up and down the the same tacking line.

Wrap Up

Learn to Kite - Kiteboarding Cairns, Andrew Bamford

These are the two extremes (well as far as I know anyway). My son and I first learned to kite 7 years ago in my home town Nelson, New Zealand at a beach called Tahunanui.It was an amazing place to learn because there was a lot of space and it was only waist deep. All the good riders liked to ride in their special place and as a beginners we were told to go and practice out at the sand spit. Perfect learning conditions with nice waist deep water. (check out Shane Anderson for lessons and gear at Kitesurf Nelson. He’ll see you right).If your blessed with with this set up then your laughing and you will be riding quicker than you can imagine – provided you receive the correct training! Lets take a look at gnarly environment. Now the fact is – where you live is where you live. So if you have no choice but to learn in this environment then so be it. But I have to say its more challenging than than flat water. I have taught kiteboarding in several places where its very choppy with big shore break. From my experience it makes learning a lot harder on the student and teaching a lot harder on the instructor – particularly for learning to get up on the board! Not only that, it uses up a lot more energy than learning in nice flat waist deep water!

Yorkeys – Cairns is the Ultimate Location

Learn to kite at Yorkeys Cairns! Why? Because the coniditons are great! Flat water, waist deep , good wind from May to November. So come to Yorkeys and do it!

Learn To Kite - Tips on getting up on the board - Kiteboarding Cairns





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