Here is a guide to your course. Please note that everyone progresses at different rates. Our main goal is for you to become an independent kiteboarder who is confident and safe.


Lesson 1

  • Location Analysis
  • Wind Effects, direction and speed
  • The Wind Window
  • Kite Setup
  • Emergency Release
  • Basic Kite Piloting Skills
  • Launching and landing the kite from the water
  • Launching and landing the kite from the beach
  • Emergency Self Landing on the Beach
  • Simulated Self Rescue on the Beach


Lesson 2

  • First Body Drag and Self Rescue
  • Body Dragging Down wind
  • directional body dragging
  • directional body dragging using the board as a keel
  • handling the board while holding the kite
  • Retrieving the board from upwind using directional boy dragging


Lesson 3

  • Water Start theory
  • Using figure of 8 to generate power to get on the board
  • First water start
  • Riding downwind for 50 metres
  • Riding while maintaining an edge
  • Riding in both directionsHow Many Kite Lessons Should I Have?

Most People take 2-3 lessons. We recommend that you do enough lessons so that you are feeling confident and independent at the end of your lessons.



Our Kite Lesson Progression System

We have a proven system for teaching people kitesurfing. Here is a list of all the goals that you will throughout your lessons. Our goals is to ensure that you are able to go out and practice kitesurfing on your own.

Any Questions?

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