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Deciding whether to do lessons in a Group or 1 on 1

So you’ve decided to make the plunge and take up kiteboarding at your local kite school. Do you go for private lessons or group lessons? Well, I think both have their advantages. Certainly group lessons are great value for money and you really get a lot of practice time in doing the course. Private lessons certainly have their place too. Here are a few pro’s and cons for both options:

Private Lessons mean Constant attention

Now this can be a good thing or not such a good thing. Some people like to be shown something and then left alone for a while. With group lessons, people tend to get a bit of attention then are left to practice their skills alone while the instructor moves on to the next person in the group. Group lessons are a great option where you have an excellent waist deep and flat water location like Yorkeys.

Group lessons are great value for money – Talk to Your Local Kite School

With lessons being half the cost of a private lesson you can really get a good chunk of training time for your money with the group option. This means learning more skills over the period of a course.

Private lessons are great for touching up on a few skills

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Whether its getting up on the board or your first backroll, private lessons are great for fine tuning your skills. Group lessons tend to focus on the whole group moving ahead at the same level of competency (although this can be managed too).

So theres just a little bit to consider when deciding to learn kiteboarding. OK hope to see you out there! Contact Us if your ready to go or want to find out more about our kiteschool!  Check out out website Kiteboarding Cairns Australia


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