The Ozone Ignition is an awesome trainer kite. Trainer kites are both useful and a lot of fun. In fact they have two main uses in my mind. These are: An Introductory Kite for land boarding and kitesurfing and a Fun Kite to enjoy the art of kite flying.Even though I’m fully hooked on kitesurfing with a real kitesurfing kite, I still love to play on the trainer kites. I especially love the Ozone Ignition. Its great fun!


A Trainer Kite that teaches you about a kite’s power

Ozone Ignition 2013- Kiteboarding Cairns Australia

If you are new to flying kites, what better way to introduce yourself to power kite flying than to get on an Ozone Ignition. The Ozone Ignition is easy to learn to fly. With its great stability and instant depower, kite flying is a breeze.

The beauty of this kite is that it actually teaches people the basics of kite flying. A short amount of time on this kite and you will start to understand how a kite flies, how to generate kite power and also how to depower the kite.

Trainer Kites are awesome for kids

The Ozone Ignition Trainer Kite is an awesome way to get kids into kite flying. Whether you kitesurf yourself and also want something to keep the kids buzzing with excitement or if they are keen to get involved in power kiting, the Ozone Ignition is a great way to start out.

The Ozone Ignition comes in a range of sizes

If you haven’t heard, kite size is measured in square metres. The rule is- the larger the kite, the more pull and power the kite has. The Ozone Ignition comes in the following sizes. 1.6 metres, 2.0 metres, 2.5 metres and 3.0 metres. A good all round size is about 2.5 square metres.

Ozone Ignition - Kiteboarding Cairns Australia KBC


The Ozone Ignition is safe

Lastly, the Ozone Ignition is very safe. If the kite’s power becomes to much just let go of the bar and the kite will flag onto the centre (third line). This is a safety line that keeps the kite attached to you, but at the same time ensures the power in �kite is eliminated.

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