Trainer Kite - Ozone Imp

Are You Into SIMPLE FUN?

I would like to introduce a great all round kite for those that either just want to have fun flying an awesome two line kite, or those wanting to feel out what it is like to fly a kite before they decide to jump int and use a power kite or try kiteboarding.

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Ozone Imp – Lively Trainer and Fun Kite

The Ozone Imp is a lively powerful kite. It comes in the following sizes : 1.3 metre, 1.6 metre, 2.0 metre, 2.5 metre. These kites are measured in square metres. So, a 2 metre kite has 2 square metres of area or canopy

Perfect Kite for Children

The good thing about the Ozone Imp is that children love to fly it. It is the perfect kite for kids to fly and will keep them amused for hours. Like children, adults love to fly this kite too. But be warned…. fly this kite once and you will be hooked. The feeling associated with controlling the Ozone Imp is fantastic

The Ozone Imp is a safe kite to fly. It has enough pull to make your arms feel like they are holding some power, but it is not going to harm you in any way.

Stunning Design and Fine Engineering

The Ozone Imp looks amazing in the sky, but take a closer look at it and you will see that it has been designed and built to take the knocks. This kite is also designed to fly through the sky flawlessly. As you fly it you will notice how it glides through the wind window effortlessly and with ease.

Without a doubt the Ozone Imp is lots of fun and exhilarating to fly at the same time. If you invest in an Imp, with a bit of care, it will last you for many seasons, giving you endless hours of kite flying thrills and Joy. So get out there and have a go on the affordable yet high quality Ozone Imp.

If you are looking for a trainer kite but think that the Ozone Imp doesn’t quite have the power you are looking for then check out the Ozone Ignition.. another step into more kite power. Need to know more? Click here to find out more.

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Ozone Imp Trainer Kite

Ozone Imp Trainer Kite