Hi Everyone Just thought I would share a few of my thoughts with you on Ozone’s dedicated wave kite – the Ozone Reo. While the wet season is going on in North Queensland, Kiteboarding Cairns is having a little break away, getting all refreshed for the coming trade wind season that kicks off in May.

Top Wave Kite

Anyway,I’ve taken to the directional board this summer and my choice of kite is the Ozone Reo.  Before I rode the Reo, I was pretty much a dedicated C-kite type of person. So, this summer I decided to give the twin tip board a rest and have a go at some directional board riding in the surf . I’m doing it strapless and I love it, especially now that I am riding an Ozone Reo. So, here’s our take on the new Reo.

Reo 2013 Kiteboarding Cairns AustraliaOzone Reo Review

At Kiteboarding Cairns Australia, we are impressed with the performance of the Ozone Reo. The Ozone Reo 2013 is the ultimate wave kite. Stability, responsiveness and huge depower. All this makes this kite is the perfect wave weapon. This kite has the ability to drift well when riding down the line and parks well without any sign of backstalling. The Ozone Reo 2013 is most definitely a dedicated wave kite.

Does the Ozone Reo have good wind range?

“I’ve been riding the REO 8m this season in the waves from 20 knots right through to 30 knots with complete comfort on a Vanhunks directional board (strapless). This is due to its huge depower, consistent bar pressure and ability to change direction quickly without being overpowered and dragged off my board.

This Board downloops like a dream when transitioning, enabling me to power through my gybes without being hammered in the higher winds” Andrew Bamford – KBC