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I’ve been teaching students on this kite all summer in the high winds of Pinnaroo Point, Perth with AKS. It quite often blows 25 – 30 knots every day. Impressed with the stability and safety of the new Ozone Uno 2013, I really noticed the confidence shine through with new kitesurfing students when they learned to take control of this kite with ease.

The Ozone Uno is a Real Inflatable Kite

I have to say….. Wow, what a kite to learn on. The Uno is now out in two sizes. the 2.5 metre and now the 4 metre. To be honest with you I think the 4 metre is perfect to learn on especially if you are small or if the wind gets up super strong.

To my knowledge, the Ozone Uno is one of the only inflatable trainer kites on the market. This kite has all the characteristics of a real inflatable kite used for kitesurfing but is designed for training purposes and those wanting to get a real feel for kiteboarding without spending a great deal.

I think we are going to see a lot more kitesurfing schools using this kite as a training devise. Not only that, I see it as the perfect learning solution for light weight youth cutting their teeth and learning to control kites. Its also a great kite for those looking for an entry level kite at an affordable price. 

The main thing I like about the Ozone Uno is that its safe, stable, very durable and extremely affordable.

A Word On Kitesurfing Safety

Kitesurfing safety has come along way over the last few years. I have seen the Ozone Uno 4m in action in strong winds and it is very safe. Let go of the bar and you have instant depower if your kite is at the wind window edge. If the kite is in the power zone, just pull the safety release and the kite flags out powerless immediately.

Please note that the Ozone Uno is not an alternative solution to professional kitesurfing instruction. Always learn through a kitesurfing school to ensure that you understand and can apply all aspects of kitesurfing safety. Learning to kitesurf through an internationallyaccredited instructor will not only save you time and make your experience fun, it will ensure that you learn correct kitesurfing practices to keep you and those around you safe.

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In Summary

From a kitesurfing instructors perspective, I think the Ozone Uno has a great place in the kitesurfing school. It is reliable, durable and certainly affordable. We will definitely be adding it to our kitesurfing equipment list this year at Kiteboarding Cairns Australia.


Check Out these photos taken by the OzoneT est Team in New Zealand.
Ozone Uno 2013 - Kiteboarding Cairns

Ozone Uno 2013 - Kiteboarding Cairns Australia

Ozone Uno 2013 - Kiteboarding Cairns KBC

Ozone Uno 2013 - Kiteboarding Cairns Australia KBC

Ozone Uno 2013 - Kiteboarding Cairns