The Ultimate Light Wind Kite

Just checked out Andy Yates’s write up of the Ozone Zephyr 2013 on the Intheloop Kiteboarding website. Sounds like he is super stoked with it. Anyway, here’s our review on it to date including a summary of Andy’s feedback.

2010 Freestyle Kitesurfing World Champ Andy Yates and Ozone test rider Torrin Bright have recently given the Ozone Zephyr 2013 17 metre a the test run in New Caledonia. .

Great Light Wind Kite for Freestyle and Wake style

The guys gave it the thumbs up as a high performance light wind freestyle kite. Andy reckons he was fully lit in less than 10 knots, busting his usual wake style moves with easy and fluidity. From what Andy and Torrin say, the kite is super stable and sits well in the wind window when it comes to busting unhooked moves.

The Ozone Zephyr 2013 is undoubtedly the ultimate light wind weapon. The Ozone team has put this kite to the test and the results are outstanding. Andy Yates uses this kite in ultra light winds to bust out all of his hard core wake style tricks.

The Ozone Zephyr is Perfect for Free riding

But the Ozone Zephyr isn’t just for wake style. Its a great all round kite too. The Ozone Zephyr 2013 is an extremely powerful kite that is also the perfect free ride solution for those super light wind days.


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Huge Wind Range

Not only that, the Zephyr 17 metre has a fantastic wind range. Just the other day, I was kiting over at Pinnaroo Point in Perth Western Australia. The wind was pretty light, about 12 knots. One of the guys jumped on his Ozone Zephyr 2013 and was riding with plenty of power. The wind got up and continued to do so all afternoon. Before we new it, it must have been a good 20 knots and the guy on the Zephyr was still riding with comfort and stability.

So there you have it, the Ozone Zephyr 2013. Perfect for light wind performance.

Anyway, if you are keen to get your hands on one of these light wind beasts, please feel free to contact us. or check out our website for more information.

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