KBC has Two Locations

At KBC we are pleased to announce that this coming season we will be teaching kiteboarding from two locations. As well as running kitesurfing lessons at Yorkeys Knob, this season we will also be operating from Palm Cove!

We have been checking out Palm Cove over the last 2 or 3 years and discovered it to be a fantastic location to learn to Kitesurf.

Palm Cove Kitesurfing will commence in May, just like at Yorkeys Knob. So, If you you are heading up to Palm Cove this winter, come and give kitesurfing a go.

The Location

We will be running our lessons from the southern end of Palm Cove. This is a great spot for learning to kite with a nice big beach area and lots of space on the water, The south to south-east wind direction is ideal. Being a cross to cross on shore breeze, conditions are awesome.

What better place to come and learn kitesurfing this winter. Kitesurfing Palm Cove is awesome! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions what so ever and your ready to learn kiteboarding.[/col]

Local Rider Craig – Ripping It Up At Yorkey’s Knob – Photo By Brett Pascoe

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