Palm cove is a great place to sea kayak. You can cruise along the coast line or even head out to the surrounding reefs of Double Island.

The right Sea kayak for Palm Cove

Picking the right sea kayak will come down to experience, and the conditions on the day. If you are not a very experienced sea kayaker, it would pay to get a kayak with a bit more stability. A wider kayak would be what you are looking for. Here at Kiteboarding Cairns and Pacific Watersports we offer great user-friendly kayaks, perfect for day to day sea kayaking. If you are not the most experience kayaker stay away from long narrow streamline kayaks. Being in the ocean it is not always flat and the narrower kayaks will tip a lot easier


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Sea kayaking Palm Cove


The right conditions to sea kayak Palm Cove

You want to pick the right conditions to sea kayak Palm Cove. During the winter we tend to get a breeze most days. Mornings are always better, as the wind tends to pick up throughout the day. If the wind does happen to become a bit uncomfortable, you can always pull in up the north end of Palm Cove Beach or even head around the point to Buchan Point. There you can walk back and get your vehicle to pick up the kayaks. During the summer we get more wind from the north. The northerly days are absolutely stunning and the water doesn’t get as wavy. However, northerly winds do attract Box Jellyfish, so it pays to wear protection, especially if you plan to snorkel or swim in the area.

Palm ,Cove, Sea, Kayaking, Double, Island, Cairns

Palm Cove beach


Here at Kiteboarding Cairns and Pacific Watersports, we do offer hire and tours around Double Island. We run the tours daily from the south end of Williams Esplanade. Any questions about anything kayaking, Feel free to contact us any time.