Kitesurfing in Palm Cove is awesome! We have been down there most days and are super impressed with the conditions. We have a large wide beach to teach at in the south end of Palm Cove and miles of ocean with no one to run into. We are really impressed with the scene down here. The locals a really friendly and the whole place is buzzing with activity.

Kitesurfing has been pretty popular down here at Palm Cove but not really that well advertised. The good thing about Palm Cove for kitsurfing is that it goes off in anything from a southerly to a North easterly wind. We’ve found that when its a gusty rainy southerly wind in Yorkeys Knob, more often than not its a clean dry wind in Palm Cove. A perfect side shore breeze.

Palm Cove Watersports.

So, if you are looking for a Palm Cove water sports activity, come and have a go at kitesurfing. We have the whole place geared up so all you need to do is come down and give it a go.

Palm Cove Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Here’s another activity to add to your Palm Cove water sports list. We’ve got ample paddle boards down here for you and the family to get out on. We are offering hourly rentals, group lessons and guided tours. So come on down and give this a go too. Palm Cove is perfect for this. If you come early in the morning the wind wont be up, so this is a perfect time for learning to stand up paddle board.
Palm Cove Watersports

However, once the wind is up in the late morning you start to get a few waves off the beach. Perfect for surfing! You may not be able to surf these waves on a surf board but you certainly give it a go on the stand up paddle boards.

So whether its kitesurfing you want to learn or stand up paddle boarding, we’ve got them both at an affordable price. Come and check us out.

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