Professional Kitesurfing School - Kiteboarding Cairns AustraliaHi Everyone. Well, if you’re ready to take the plunge and learn to kitesurf you are probably thinking, where do I start. You may have two or three kitesurfing schools to pick from in your area, and you will be wondering, which kitesurfing school should I go for. How do I recognise a professional kitesurfing school? Picking the right school will make a big difference – the difference between floundering around by yourself for the season and getting nowhere to getting up and riding in no time and absolutely shredding it up on the water. So, here’s the tips:

1 – The Owner of the Kitesurfing School actually Kitesurfs

Pick a kitesurfing school where the actual owner of the school kites and does so regularly. An owner that kitesurfs will have a genuine passion for the sport, will see you out on the water and will also be able to keep an eye on you once you are out on your own. This person will have their finger on the pulse so to speak and will actually know a lot about kitesurfing. They will understand equipment, weather conditions and will be able to give you great advice. They will become a trusted advisor.

2 – Lessons are 1 or 2 people per instructor

Professional Kitesurfing School - Kiteboarding Cairns AustraliaBe careful here. Even where conditions are really good like at Yorkeys Knob with flat water and steady breezes, things can really get out of hand for an instructor if there are too many students to teach at once. The reality is that one on one lessons mean accelerated learning where as 3 – 4 people per instructor can mean hardly learning anything at all. Experience shows that a student with 6 – 8 hours of one on one learning can really excel. If you have a group of 3 -4 people it will take a lot longer to learn the same thing and you will get very frustrated and tired in the process. I’ve spoken to people who have gone for the big groups because they think they will save money and get more time on the water and unfortunately some of them need to go through a whole course again to gain skills to become independent. So, go for the small groups or one on one when picking your kitesurfing school.

3 – The kitesurfing school teaches in steady winds

Here’s where you will find out if the kitesurfing school cares about you. When you first learn to kitesurf, you will not go out in less than 12 knots. People can kite in very light winds, but they are usually light wind experts or have specialised light wind gear. You can learn to fly the kite and do some basic kite control in 10 knots of wind, but the reality is you really need some kite power behind you to achieve your goals and get up and riding. Some of the best success we have had with our students is when the wind is cranking! You need at least 12 – 15 knots for your second day if you want to build confidence and good kite control.

4 – You get certified

Quite simple. If you get certified at the end of your course then you know you have been taught in accordance with international principles. You will have been taught the right way. Go to a kitesurfing school who will give you a qualification.

5 – The kitesurfing school supports you all the way

Getting on the program is where it’s at. Lessons should just be the beginning. If you are with a good kitesurfing school, and you intend to stay in the same area, you will become part of the team. Like mentioned before, your kitesurfing school should be your trusted advisers – there to share the passion, give you tips and encourage you.

So… there you have it! 5 qualities in a professional kitesurfing school. See you out there. Let’s get kiting!

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