Hey Guys

Our season has just kicked off, so we are back into kitesurfing everyday for the next 6 months. This year we are using the Ozone Catalysts just like last year. We were totally impressed with the Catalyst last year and really tested this kite to its limits. Our Students really gave the Catalyst a hammering with countless heavy slammings and releases into the shore break.

We still have 2 Ozone Catalyst 2013 kites in the school, and even after a season of heavy use last year, they are in top condition. So this year we decided to got for the Catalyst again because we think its an all round awesome kite.

Ozone Catalyst 2014 - Kitesurfing Lesson

Ozone Catalyst 2013 – still in perfect condition after a season’s use

What I think of the Ozone Catalyst 2014

I’ve been riding this kite now for the the last few months and I’m totally stoked with it. When I first took it out for a ride I noticed that the bar pressure is slightly heavier than last year. Wow , this was just what I hoped for as I did find the bar pressure a little light for my liking last year.

As with last years model, this kite is responsive and stable. Now that the trade winds have kicked in, the Ozone Catalyst will be my choice of kite for free riding this season.

Check out the Ozone Video


Teaching and Learning to Kitesurf on the Ozone Catalyst 2014

First day out it was perfect conditions for learning on the 10 metre. My student was stoked with the stability and feel, locking the kite in and learning kite stabilisation very quickly. Most definitely that added bar pressure gave my student a real feel for the kite.

So theres a quick intro to what I think of the new Catalyst 2014. I’ll keep you posted with more information through out the season. Feel free to check out the website or contact us through the website for more information.

Happy Kitesurfing!