Its designed for big air, flying high above the ocean. Its pulling a new trick, pushing the boundaries and taking yourself to new heights.


Introducing the Woo

Woo - For KitesurfingA kiteboarding performance tracker to take your riding to the next level. Measure jump time, air height and how hard you land.

Challenge friends around the world to see how you compare against the pros with the Woo Kite App.


Lets Take Kiteboarding to the next level with Woo

With the Woo, you can get out there with your friends , set up a Woo Competition and find out who is really jumping the highest.

Riding with Woo is simple, download the free app, set up the profile, clip on your Woo and Go ride. No matter if you are a beginner , experienced rider or a pro, start posting your results, kiting together, raising the bar for boosting higher and riding harder.

After your session, download your stats via Bluetooth to the app and in seconds you can check out who jumped the highest, and claim your leader board position. Host it , claim it and challenge your friends all over the world.


The Woo comes with a great app

Woo - Woo SportsYou can download the app for free, create a profile and you are all set to go. As mentioned before, the Woo app will highlight your top jump height , max air time, hardest landing and give you a jump for jump breakdown from your sessions.

You can also upload a photo from each session, and you can create a logging history from your kiting season to monitor your height progress.

New sessions from other kiters are always roaming in so you can check out how you stack up against the Pros. You can like comment and share other sessions too.


The Woo is undoubtably becoming kitesurfing’s biggest social net work.


Red Bull King of the Air

Woo Sports Woo
The Red Bull King of the Air bought together all of the best riders in the world. Woo was the official jump decider for this years competition. This competition also proved that the Woo can withstand some of the toughest conditions and still deliver accurate results.

The pro riders pushed harder than ever knowing that the Woo was recording their results. Additionally, spectators felt part of the action because they could view the results through the Woo kite App.

Isnt it time to show kiters world wide what you have got? How high can you jump? How many sessions have you logged this year? Take riding to the next level with Woo.


Woo Sports - WooReady to get your own Woo and start monitoring your progress?

Kiteboarding Cairns Australia are your exclusive Woo dealers for Far North Queensland. Please contact us or call 0466914200 to place your order.



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