What To Bring to Your Lesson

Whether you’ve decided to do a 2 hour private lesson, a 2 day course or a 1 hour teaser with us, your in for an exciting day, and a big one.

Have a good nights sleep and get fueled up before you arrive! Eat a hearty breakfast!

Kitesurfing really burns off the energy and its usually not until the end of the day that we notice it.

Our meeting area at Palm Cove is a great place to sit and relax before the lesson starts, loads of Cafes and a real relaxed atmosphere. 



Make sure you have a strap to stop you losing them. The sun gets bright on your eyes if you don’t wear sunglasses.  You can talk to us about this. We have high quality eyewear at reasonable prices.

Sun Screen


If your family or friends decide to come along and watch you they are welcome to take photos.


Rash Vest or Teeshirt

The temperature stays pretty warm even in the middle of the dry season.  If you are highly sensitive to the cold you may want to bring a thin wetsuit.


Comfortable Clothing

Bring something you can wear in the water and still remain comfortable.

Thats it!  We supply the rest.

Please also remember to bring any payment due before the lesson starts. Contact Us if you have any questions.

We have some great articles on our blog to get you thinking about things.  Check it out!

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